Dawn Corrigan

Day Trip

When we feel like things aren’t moving
we start the car and hit the road.
We sense our state of mind improving
once we enter a new ZIP code.
Here the thrill of the unknown beckons.
Route 66’s less famous cousins
have plenty of charms of their own.
On 65, in the No Pass Zone
a tableau unfolds on the shoulder:
a man points a shotgun west
while a woman in a red vest
reclines, carefree, on a karst boulder.
By dinner we're in Thomasville.
We eat at the No Hope Bar & Grill.

Dawn Corrigan lives in Myrtle Grove, FL and has worked in the affordable housing industry since 2010.  Before that she worked at a variety of unpoetic jobs, most interestingly as a banner maker/ground crew at an aerial banner towing company. Her masthead credits include Western Humanities ReviewGirls with Insurance, and Otis Nebula, where she currently serves as assistant editor.  Her website is www.dawncorrigan.com.