Pulsebeat Poetry Journal features poems with a strong musical element—a definite rhythm and accompanying melody usually generated by similarity of sounds.  A more extended discussion of the Journal’s purpose is given on the Welcome page of the site launch issue. More details on the types of poems sought are given in the Clarifications.

What to submit

  • Poems full of music, using meter and rhyme or other means, previously unpublished. 
  • Up to 5 poems, or 200 lines total length, natural words and word order.
  • Theme should be the human condition, for a general literate audience. No restriction on language, within reason.
  • No reading fee or payment. 
  • Poets retain copyright.
  • Special interest in:
    • Poets in unpoetic jobs.
    • Longer blank verse or rhyming poems.

When to submit

  • Pulsebeat Poetry Journal appears three times a year, in January, May, and September.  Reading periods are as follows:
    • October 1-December 31 (January issue)
    • February 1-April 30 (May issue)
    • June 1-August 31 (September issue)
  • Response time is one month or less.

Where to submit

  • Please send all submissions to  Poems and cover letters can be included in the body of the email or attached in a single file (txt, docx, or pdf format).  Please write “poetry sub” and your name in the subject line.