Editor’s Note

Welcome to the first issue of Pulsebeat.  I was pleased with the response to my call for submissions; I received a large number of enjoyable poems from a variety of accomplished poets, including some actual musicians.   It was exciting to see new submissions appear in the inbox like presents tied with bows.  I’m very grateful to everyone who sent me their poetry.

There apparently being an interest and an ample supply, I have updated the guidelines to indicate that there will be three issues per year, in January, May, and September, with rough deadlines per issue of April 30, August 31, and December 31.  Please mark your calendars and tell your friends.

I plan to adorn each issue with an industrial photo from my personal collection.  For the inaugural issue I’ve selected a still from a high-speed drilling test video.  (As with Orr in Catch 22, one of the skills that has kept me employed over the years is an ability to drill holes.)  In this image an 8 mm carbide drill has just struck an aluminum plate and thrown off a shower of conical-helical (corkscrew) chips.  This would produce a sound like popcorn popping as the chips hit the machine enclosure if you were walking by, although generally nobody is.   I think this is the appropriate level of hubbub to mark the launch of a new poetry journal. 

I had intended to retire from the engineering world in December, but have been sweet-talked into staying on for a few months, part time, to help with the production launch of an electric vehicle component.  For my job an electric drive unit is a lot like a transmission—chunks of metal we sculpt according to the drawings and deliver to Assembly to be glued and screwed.  For the poetry journal the production process is much simpler, but I still require an adequate incoming supply of poems to meet the delivery schedule.  I estimate I will need a minimum net rate and flow of between fifteen and twenty poems per week to avoid a shutdown.  Please keep the poems coming so that I can post a new batch in May.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the poetry in the current issue as much as I have.