Jane Blanchard


All boxes plus a printer fit
inside your mid-size SUV.
I text an image, then I sit
shot-gun for this delivery.
The route across the state is one
which makes three hours seem like more.
The first half of the round trip done,
we quickly open each car door.
Soon everything is moved inside
the fixer-upper found and bought
last winter by my son, his bride—
right time, right place, right price, they thought.
They and their dogs are happy there,
just what a mother needs to know.
Post-lunch in Marietta Square,
you say, “We probably should go.”
Back home, exhausted and unnerved,
I say, “Let them sort his old stuff,
perhaps kept longer than deserved. 
We have done more than is enough.”

Jane Blanchard lives and writes in Georgia (USA). Her work has recently appeared in Blue Unicorn, Loch Raven Review, and Third Wednesday. Her latest collection with Kelsay Books is Never Enough Already (2021).