Jean L. Kreiling

Golf on TV

The whispered commentary and the green, 
precisely mown fairways; the golden sand 
so neatly raked, prepared to come between 
a man and his next birdie; and the band 
of hushed spectators following the guys 
who smoothly swing their clubs and hope the ball 
will do their bidding--sail through windless skies 
and drop into the hole--I watch it all,
but not because I play the game or care 
who wins.  It’s only that the scenery 
and lingo take me back to places where 
my father tried for birdies, earnestly, 
though par was often well beyond his reach. 
I hope his heaven looks like Pebble Beach.

Jean L. Kreiling is the prize-winning author of two poetry collections, Arts & Letters & Love  (2018) and The Truth in Dissonance (2014); her third book will appear in early 2022.  She is Associate Poetry Editor of Able Muse: A Review of Poetry, Prose & Art, and a longtime member of the Powow River Poets.