Kate Meyer-Currey

Unseen Fire II

Radiotherapy’s my inhuman war:
Cancer the unseen fire; my shield a gown.
My tattooed breasts exposed to sniper guns
Are bullseyes for the marksmen firing down.
My ductal tissue is the battle zone 
Where cells metastasise, accumulate
Their threat of hidden death that lies in wait
Unless the radiation nukes their lair.
I lie, as shadowed staff behind glass screen
Direct my inhaled breaths by microphone
Countdown from fifteen…vented airways roar
Released: as plates rotate, re-aim, withdraw
The linear accelerator’s sight 
I sit up, dress and exit to the right. 

Kate Meyer-Currey lives in Devon. She has had over a hundred poems published in print and online journals and anthologies in the UK and internationally. She has been selected to partner with Little Toller books as part of LiteratureWorks South West’s Talent Development programme. Her chapbooks ‘County Lines’ (Dancing Girl) and ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ (Contraband) are due out in 2022.