Jean-Sebastien Surena

Thoughts Unspoken

The voices…
they’re a little quiet these days
You’d think I’d be happy
they’ve given me some leeway
but I see the real truth

I see what’s at play 
They’ve given me space so that
they may see the results of
the hands they have played
Hushed thoughts laid onto
pillows next to sleeping ears

Left unaware as to the origin
of this seeping fear, there’s
this feeling here, and it just sits
on my chest, beneath
the cusp of my breast making
rest all but unattainable

The voices are quiet but
they know I still hear the echoes
Whisperings turned into bellows
I’m searching for the source,
looking over to my fellow man,
is he responsible for this
madness at hand? Or is it

just me diving into madness again
and again and again,
while the world goes on
and pretends that I’m okay
or maybe they don’t know
that I’m not

All my words are laced 
with contentment and deceit
I even do a dance with
my happy little feet
I see no way out of
this bed full of lies
All I can do is smile

Jean-Sebastien Surena is a poet and spoken word artist hailing from Queens, NY. He published his debut chapbook Quarantined Thoughts in 2021. A short film based on one of its pieces, “Unbroken,” has been selected to 4 different film festivals and has received awards. You can connect with Jean and view some of his work @jeanthemachine_ on Instagram. This poem, “Thoughts Unspoken,” is taken from a longer sequence of poems, Into the Deep,