Fadrian Bartley

Then I Write and it Makes Me Free

As I wander around among the dancing trees
the voice of reality whisper to me,
giving details of things to be 
then I write and it makes me free,

I walk the streets and saw few wrongs
that life is playing a very sad song,
where crimes is now a bloody sea,
then I write and it makes me free,

A cop took hold on a common thief
left his mother with all the grief,
law and justice seem to agree
then I write and it makes me free,

Infidelity takes its toll
as the faith of a marriages swiftly grow cold,
a wrinkle in time and they no longer be,
then I write and it makes me free,

A system build through the broken years
and becomes the red flag that waves our fears,
promises made but becomes our plea,
then I write and it makes me free.

Fadrian Bartley is a poet from Kingston Jamaica.  His poetry has appeared previously in The Horror zine Magazine, Pif-Magazine, South Florida Poetry Journal, Mixedmag.com, Ramingoblog.com, Academyoftheheartandmind.com, Disabled Tales, Driech Magazine, IHRAF-international human rights art festival, and others. Fadrian is also a horror/fantasy writer.  He is a customer relations specialist and spends his free time doing creative writing. https://www.instagram.com/fadrianadrianbartley/