Steven Searcy

Singing Lessons

How do you teach
a child to sing? You sing to them.
Sing sweetly, freely, each
and every night,
along with dim

Sing sun,
on open paths
where rivers run,
for wings aloft.
For clouds and puddle baths,
sing soft.

how do you teach a child to sing?
You sing. Keep singing when 
it’s all that you can do.
Sing anything.
Keep singing. You.

Long Winter

The forests fade
and freeze, while fierce
winds whip and pierce,
and skies are greyed.

Each empty limb
no longer grieves
forgotten leaves.
The gaunt and grim

land shudders. All
that don’t sleep fight
for life in white
wastes. Dense clouds crawl.

On a blank plain,
small hopes were carried
and lost—the buried
seeds still remain.


This night
in June,
the moon
is quite

a bright
but soon
the light

of day
will banish
her beams

and they
will vanish
like dreams.

Steven Searcy lives with his wife and three sons in Atlanta, GA, where he works as an engineer in fiber optic telecommunications. His poetry has appeared in Ekstasis Magazine, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Reformed Journal, Green Ink Poetry, and Amethyst Review, among others.