Welcome to Pulsebeat Poetry Journal.

I am an engineer and a poet who came to the craft through an interest in music and song lyrics.  I like poems that are full of music, poems with a definite rhythm and an accompanying melody usually generated by similarity of sounds.  I think adding music to a poem greatly increases its emotional impact and appeal.

In my work life I’ve traveled all over everywhere and in particular to innumerable machine shops, test labs, and tool rooms.  Wherever I go I usually find music—some kind of radio or boom box, and in the old days a stack of CDs.  Few people have a favorite poet, but everyone has a favorite band.   

I also make a lot of measurements, and the resulting data graphs often show repeating signals that I find pleasing.  If you measure motion, force, or pressure to a fine enough scale, you will find that everything in the physical world is pulsing or vibrating to its own little rhythm.  In the human body that rhythm is the pulsebeat, the cycling of the pump that drives poetry.  Hence the name of the journal, which I am establishing in part to provide a venue for poets to present their work, as others have done for me, but also to secure a more reliable supply of musical poems, by direct shipment rather than hunting and gathering.

So please send me poems full of music, with rhythm and melody.  In my own verse I try to make music using traditional meter and rhyme, because I like to meet the old masters on their own turf and because as an engineer I delight in patterns and symmetries.  But I know there are other ways of doing it, and am not dogmatic about form, only music.  So please send me your musical poems, however you achieve the effect.

Details of the submission process are covered under the Submissions tab.  The Masthead tab has links to my Amazon author page and some individually linkable poems.  The Musical Anecdotes tab speaks for itself.