Gale Acuff: PB02: "Sometimes you die, I mean everybody" 
Marcus Bales: PB01: "The World Remakes Itself"
Fadrian Bartley: PB05: "Then I Write and it Makes Me Free"
Gaby Bedetti: PB03: "A Dog Contemplates His Fortune"; PB05: "Weightless"
Bruce Bennett: PB03: "Lost and Found," "Payback"; PB04: "The Wind Chimes," "Unspoken"; PB05: "Bubbles"
Paul Bernstein: PB03: "Once When I Was Growing Old"
Robert Beveridge: PB01: "Industrial Revolution"
Hilary Biehl: PB04: "For a Neighbor," "Things Done and Left Undone"
Jane Blanchard: PB01: "Transportation"; PB03: "Interval," "Variation"; PB04: "Pooch,"; PB05: "The Philosophy of Modern Song"
Kevin Blankinship: PB02: "Bonneville"
Mark Blaeuer: PB02: "Novel Characters Near a Saloon," "Written Too Late for a Memorial Service"
Laura J. Bobrow: PB05: "For Lack of a Coin"
Niall Bradley: PB02: "But I’m Missing Something," "Gentle Shore"
Frank Brunner: PB02: "Service";  PB03 "Four-kid Playground," "Two Bars, One Church"
Michael Burton: PB03: "Wood to Flesh," "/yer roots/:"
Jared Carter: PB05: "Song"
Catherine Chandler: PB03: "A Thing Significant"
Ted Charnley: PB02: "Approaching the Winter Solstice"; PB03: "Sisyphus Buys the Farmhouse"
Jeffrey Clapp: PB02: "Bud and Dolly's"; PB05: "Scarboro," "Behind Deano's"
A C Clarke: PB04: "Message of hope?" "Soul-Portrait," "To an unknown flower"
Edmund Conti PB01: "Wholly Holly"
Dawn Corrigan: PB01: "Day Trip"
Joe Cottonwood: PB05: "Learning to touch-type"
Barbara Lydecker Crane: PB01: "The Miniaturist";  PB02: "A Turn of Events"
Joe Crocker: PB01: "The Fall were Marmite"
Carlos Cumpián: PB02: "Baile Con Tito Puente"
Marc Darnell: PB05: "Love In Quarantine," "Tears From A Stone"
Salvatore Difalco: PB05: "Roger Plays Alone," "Love Me Tinder"
Marc Alan Di Martino: PB01: "Café des Beaux Arts," "Red Planet Blues"; PB03: "Devil’s Blues," "Mirror Mirror"
Robert Donohue: PB01: "Fan Fiction"; PB02: "Eddie Van Halen," "The Sage"; PB03: "In My Life"; PB04: "Vanity"; PB05: "Tenterhooks"
William Doreski: PB04: "Sea Voices"
Martin Elster: PB01: "Mr. Work"; PB03: "Midnight Walk"; PB04: "Canada Goose," "Ice Cream Man
Marie-Louise Eyres: PB03: "Angel"
Francis Fernandes: PB04: "Invigilator’s Journey"
George Freek: PB02: "Musings at Dusk (After Mei Yao Chen)," "In Imitation of Li Shangyin"; PB05: "Disintegration"
Andrew Frisardi: PB01: "The Jeweler"
Cynthia Gallaher: PB02: "Booking a Booth Act for the 55th Annual Employee Benefits Conference in Orlando"
Claudia Gary: PB02: "Difficult Run," "Nonzero Probability"; PB04: "Song of the Earworm," "Humpty Dumpty Redux"
Brian Gavin: PB03: "The Farmhouse Fire Recalled"
Carole Greenfield: PB03: "Foudroyant"
John Grey: PB01: "Sonnet of the Missing"; PB02, "The Sonnet of the Well"; PB05: "And Trees Fall in the Forests of the Universe"
Carl Griffin: PB05: "Beach Glass, North Coast, California"
Max Gutmann: PB04: "A Letter Home"; PB05: "The Art of Digressing"
Jack D. Harvey: PB05: "Unmourned to Orcus"
William Heath: PB03: "Aureli’s Funeral"; PB04: "Barrio de Santa Cruz"
Robin Helweg-Larsen: PB03: "Ultimate Control," "Ticking Away," "Homage From British Expats"; PB05: "And, If I Could"
Elise Hempel: PB01:  "The Factory Side," "Secretary's Death," "Kelly Girl"
Jill Hopkins: PB03: "'A shower of wet shingle' rewritten as a sonnet"; PB04: "Heart weather"
Mace Hosseini: PB01: "Temple" 
Greg Huteson: PB02: "Frequency Table"; PB04: "Desk Inventory" 
Christy Jones: PB04: "Shell"
James Kangas: PB02: "Love’s Old Sweet Song"
J-T Kelly: PB02: "Welcome to the 2nd Grade Ancient Egypt Museum Day for Parents"
Matthew King: PB04: "Conversation on an Old Gas Station"; PB05: "Beacon"
Jean L. Kreiling: PB01: "Golf on TV"; PB02: "Failure to Convert," "Unreliable Witness" 
David W. Landrum: PB01: "Floaters," "The Last Temple Maiden Leaves the 
Shrine of Artemis in Ephesus, 425 A.D."; PB03: "Nietzsche’s Walks"; PB04: "Cryophilia"
Stuart Larner: PB05: "The Carousel" 
Jenna Le:  PB03: "New House"
Laurinda Lind: PB03: "Once Twice" 
Barbara Loots: PB01: "Puzzled" 
Simon MacCulloch: PB05: "Crocodile," "Alone,""Whip Hand" 
Duncan Gillies MacLaurin: PB02: "The Turquoise of Your Eyes"
Joan Mazza: PB05: "We Love a Mystery"
Janet McCann: PB03: "Crossword," "In the Front Garden"
James Scannell McCormick: PB05: "Questioned," "The Reverend's Death"
Bruce McGuffin: PB05: "The Universe" 
Susan McLean: PB02: "Served Cold," "Reverdie"; PB04: "Erasure," "Better Stars"; PB05: "Help Me, Rhonda"
Kate Meyer-Currey: PB02: "Unseen Fire II"
Mark J. Mitchell: PB01: "Song in Waltz Time," "Fog Fantasia"; PB04: "Door Song," "Impermanence" 
Leah Mueller: PB02: "Merry Widow" 
Caleb Perry Murdock: PB05: "The Way" 
Alfred Nicol: PB01 "The Man in the Middle" 
Johnny Payne: PB04: "On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring" 
Fabrice B. Poussin:  PB03: "Homeless in 2031" 
Ian Ramsey: PB01 "Kick" 
Amanda Ryan: PB05: "Maarte—" 
David Salner: PB05: "Eroica, 2022" 
Timothy Sandefur: PB02: "Walk in Beauty"
Gerard Sarnat: PB03: "Ice forest spirits"
Will Schmit: PB01: "Song Smiths Hammer It Home," "Showtime is Over Our Heads"; PB03: "Entry Level Exit" 
Steven Searcy: PB05: "Singing Lessons," "Long Winter," "Moon"
Donald Sellitti: PB02: "Teaching Immortals How to Die"
Shelley Shaver: PB02: "The Kart Kaptain" 
J. D. Smith: PB01: "Preflight," "Slant Georgic" 
Seán Street: PB05: "Gardenia"
Jean-Sebastien Surena: PB04: "Thoughts Unspoken"
Felicity Teague: PB04: "Aviation Age," "The coming of Eunice"; PB05: "Hoss" 
Sally Thomas: PB02: "Design in January," "Twelfth Night"  
Cody Walker: PB01: "A Mad Gardener’s Quartet"
Lindsay Walter: PB03: "Nike in the Louvre"  
Lucia Ward: PB04: "Footnote"
Charles Weld: PB03: "Cutting Off Ampersand" 
Donald Wheelock: PB04: "Music Studio," "Skimming Pleasures off the Top"
Gail White: PB01: "Estrangement," "Swimming Hole"
Marc Wiegand: PB04: "Drawing," "My Sleep Myself Asleep"
Marly Youmans: PB01: "A Child in Snow and Sleep"; PB02: "Their Faces," "The Ancestors, Again";  PB03: "The Unsent Letter" 
Changming Yuan: PB01: "Self-Addressing: A Bilinguacultural Poem," "Missing in Missed Moments"
Thomas Zimmerman: PB01: "A Visit Home"; PB03: "Left to Darken," "Chamber Music"